Twin Sheet Thermoforming for Strong Durable Components

Twin & Single Sheet Thermoform Processes

Twin and Single Sheet Thermoforming are exactly what their names imply. The Single Sheet Thermoform process is the heating and molding of a product with one sheet of Thermoplastic. The Twin Sheet Thermoform process makes use of two Thermoplastic sheets. When is it beneficial to choose Twin Sheet Thermoform Plastic over Single Sheet Thermoform Plastic?

Twin Sheet Thermoformed Plastic Adds Strength

Choose Twin Sheet Thermoforming when structural integrity is a requirement. While Single Sheet Thermoforming can be quite rigid, it simply can’t match the inherent strength of Twin-Sheeting Plastic Thermformed components. Designed with two Thermoplastic walls and the interior void that delivers rigidity, Twin-Sheeting Thermoformed parts are the most durable.

Thermoform Parts with Different Interior & Exterior Walls

Twin Sheet Thermoforming allows for slight differentiations between the interior and exterior walls. The interior surface may be designed to fit to a piece of equipment, while the exterior wall may have a smooth, slidable surface.

Choose Thermoformed Plastic Over Metal & Wood

It comes down to strength. For the ultimate in durability, only Twin Sheet Thermoforming allows for the inclusion of additional supports to create a Thermoformed Plastic product that outlasts its metal and wood counterparts. It is also lighter and doesn’t need treated or painted. Have a question about Thermoformed Plastic and how be applied to your project, please contact usReady to try Twin Sheet Thermoforming? Get a free quote.