Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Visits Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics Invests in Thermoforming & Innovation

Allied Plastics announced Speaker of the House, The Honorable Paul Ryan, visited the manufacturing plant in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin on Friday, September 2, 2016. “What an exciting day for everyone at Allied,” said Timothy Neal, president of Allied Plastics. “Everyone at Allied is proud of the investments we are making in Thermoforming manufacturing within Kenosha County and it was an honor to be able to share that with Mr. Ryan on Friday.”

Paul Ryan Learns about Plastic Thermoform Manufacturing

He enjoyed a tour of the 200,000 square foot engineering and Plastic Thermoforming manufacturing facility, spoke with many of their 180 team members, answered questions and learned about the Thermoforming manufacturing process. Mr. Ryan also had a sneak peak of Allied Plastics new IDEA Center (Innovation, Design, Engineering and Application Solutions). An exciting new department that will be opening soon to foster new developments in manufacturing, product development and engineering. The center also plans to create career opportunities within the community and give current employees a chance to advance within the organization.

Thermoformers Learn about A Better Way for the Future

Mr. Ryan shared his “A Better Way” agenda for 2017, Our goal is to say ‘Here’s what we’ll do in 2017. This is our roadmap. There’s a better way to fix these problems. Getting people from welfare to work. Getting that company growing. Making America more competitive. Going after the terrorists. And then restoring an accountable government.’”

This was in reference to overhauling the American tax system as early as 2017. This change would include lowering the tax rate for American businesses, and removing any additional tax on foreign sales. This would allow American companies, particularly in the manufacturing industry, to save a lot of money in the long run. Mr. Ryan’s proposed change would also mean enabling writing off 100% of any capital investments.

The day with The Honorable Mr. Ryan was a complete success and the staff were honored to be able to speak with him and hear his vision for the future.

Paul Ryan speaking with an Allied Plastics team member images-small-3 Paul Ryan visits Allied Plastics Custom Thermoforming