Thermoformed Components Are Quick & Affordable

Allied Plastics Thermoforms Your Parts Faster

With all the options for manufacturing your parts available, did you know the fastest and most cost-efficient is Thermoform Plastic? Simply put, virtually anything can be Thermoformed. Thanks to its efficient process, Vacuum Formed Plastic parts require less tooling time and therefore less lead time. The result? You receive your parts faster.

Thermoforming Requires Less Tooling

Thermoformed Plastic requires less labor because of the automation involved, unlike production for other parts, such as metal, wood or fiberglass. Most Vacuum Form Plastic parts can be created with a single tool. This translates to cost-effective production for you.

Thermoform Plastic Parts Have Shorter Lead Times

Because less is involved in actually producing components, getting your Plastic Thermoformed parts faster is the result. This also means your associated costs are lower since there is less time involved in manufacturing. Have a question about the Thermoforming process? Chat with an Allied Plastics Engineer expert from 8 am to 4:30 pm Central, Monday through Friday. Open the Chat Box below or email us at sales@alliedplastics.comNeed a quote? Please fill out our quote request form or call us directly at 1-888-870-8158.