Thermoforming & Product Appearance

Thermoformed Plastic Components Get Noticed

Everyone tends to judge a book by its cover. In the competitive marketplace, it’s important your products stand out from the crowd. How can Thermoformed Plastic affect a customer’s decision? Let’s take a look at a few variables.

Plastic Thermoform Can Duplicate Any Shape

Your engineers and designers have spent a lot of time creating a gorgeous piece. Now it needs to be reproduced in real life. Thermoforming can achieve sharp, crisp detail with close tolerances. Undercuts, formed-in texture, formed-in logos and formed-in hardware are just a few of the many features that can be accomplished with Thermoformed Plastic. Not every manufacturer has the ability to skillfully recreate the look of your design. In fact, there are many limitations to this process. This is why selecting the correct material is critical.

Thermoformed Plastics Can Match Color

Now that you’ve designed the perfect shape, you need the part to be on-brand. To be the exact color. With Thermoformed Plastics, the color is integrated into the Thermoplastic sheet. No extra time is required after processing to color the part and the color will not fade over time. Not every material can be died or painted to match your brand’s colors or to meet your exact specifications. Painting or finishing a part after processing means the color can fade or chip away over time. This also adds time and production costs.

Thermoform Allows for a Variety of Texture

If you require a certain texture or finish for your parts, Thermoforming allows you two options to ensure your exact needs are met. The first option is to create the texture in the mold itself. This allows for a seamless production of the part. The second option is to opt for a sheet of plastic that already has the texture incorporated. Once the sheet is molded the texture will be molded as well. With other types of material processes, some manufacturers simply cannot recreate a finish. If you’d like to discuss how Thermoforming can benefit your project, contact Allied Plastics engineering team now.