Celebrating 25 Years of Business 


25th year of business begins


Broke ground on a new employee parking lot and 54,462 sq. ft. building addition


Construction of 12,750 sq. ft. cold storage building located to the north of the existing facility.


Allied Plastics purchases 46,000 sq. ft. building previously leased in Genoa City.


Allied Plastics installs first robotic trim cell


Converted Tech Center into new Sales Showroom and Conference Room

July 2009: Allied participates in Twin Lakes Libertyfest Parade


February 2008 we installed a brand new 8.5’x12.5′ four station double oven, twin sheet pressure former by AVT which is known as # 7 machine.

November 2008 awarded Economic impact Award by Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce & Kenosha Area Business Alliance


February 2007 Construction of new shipping office takes place 

March 2007 Allied moves into the new building, which added another 18,800 sq ft. Also a 25’ wide enclosed ramp connecting all 3 buildings was built. After these additions, the total facility is now approx 100,000 sq ft.   


June 2006 Allied works with the Village of Twin Lakes to shut down Industrial Drive between the 150 Holy Hill Rd and the 170 Holy Hill Rd buildings, referred to as Allied East and Allied West buildings. The proposal included Allied purchasing Twin Lakes Storage sheds that we located on Industrial Drive. 

August 2006 The village shut down the road and construction started on a building addition between the “East and the West” buildings. 

December 2006 Allied adds another 50,000 gallons of on site water storage to support our sprinkler system. This system utilized Cultec chambers which were installed just north of the existing concrete tank. This added capacity brought our total on site storage to 90,000 gallons.


Allied Plastics celebrated a decade of being in business.


August 2004 – We remodeled the office space and moved our sales and engineering departments to the new “Technology center” known as Allied East Building. This has allowed our sales, design and tooling departments to work closely together and gave us much needed office and floor space in the west bldg to continue our growth.


February 2003 – We installed a brand new 7’x9′ three station MAAC rotary which is known as # 6 machine to accommodate large parts and it also gave us the ability to run two dunnage trays side by side.

June 2003 – We evicted our tenants and remodeled the front half of the old Basset wheel bldg and moved former # 3 and CNC # 3 machine along with the pattern shop, mold finishing departments to this space.



March 2002: We became ISO 9001 certified for the first time.


We purchased the Basset Racing Wheel building located east of Allied Plastics. This gave us much needed warehouse space. We leased out approximately 12,000 sq ft of the 26,000 sq ft bldg.


In 2000 Allied PLastics installed a new twin table 5’x 10’ five axis CNC Router.  (No pics of the install)

Additionally, to celebrate our 5th year in business, we hosted a company golf outing.

Allied Plastics, year in review 2000 


In 1999 we reached 2 milestones. We added on to our facility for the second time and purchased and installed a MAAC#5 (our first twin-sheet machine).



In 1998 we hosted our first ever Open House, we cleared space for our New Tool Room, and construction began on our New Office Spaces.


Allied Plastics broke ground on our first addition. It would be a 22,500 sq. ft. addition to the existing 9,800 sq. ft. facility.


Allied Plastics expands by installing our second machine, a 5’x6′ 3-station Maac rotary.


  Allied Plastics OPENS FOR BUSINESS!

We begin doing business with our first machine, a 5’x8′, 3-station Maac rotary thermoformer.

Allied Plastics first building     Back of the first building for Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics first machine     5'x8' 3-station Maac Rotary Thermoformer