10 ft Thermoformed Plastic Section Plate – Allied Plastics Custom Vacuum Forming Advantage

The Thermoforming Advantage oAllied Plastics

Quality Vacuum Forming Experience & Expertise

Allied Plastics has the expertise to create your quality Custom Vacuum Formed Plastic components with quick turnarounds. Many of our senior professionals have over 30 years of experience in the Thermoforming industry. Our Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, facility boasts some of the largest Plastic Thermoforming machines in the country. Your Plastic parts will run on one of 11 Thermoform machines. These machines have Twin Sheet Forming, Single Sheet Forming, Drape Forming, Pressure Forming and Sheet Over Sheet Forming capabilities. Seven 5-Axis CNC machines and 5 Robotic Arms guarantee fast trimming for your Plastic components. Plastic Sheet Extruding in a wide variety of materials and textures. Lean manufacturing and short lead times are part of the Allied Advantage for your project.

Allied Advantage from Thermoform Concept to Production

Another Advantage for you is our state of the art IDEA Center home to the highest skilled Engineers & Designers in the Plastic Thermoforming industry. You will be a partner in your Thermoforming project from concept to production. Our Quality Professionals are well versed in Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) and Part Submission Warrants (PSW).

Thermoformed Plastic Product Processing & Storage

Allied Plastics practices First In First Out (FIFO) processing for your Vacuum Formed Plastic products. Warehouse space and outside storage area is available for stocking raw materials, components and finished goods. Delivery of your Thermoform Plastic parts will be on time and undamaged. Are you ready to experience the Allied Advantage? Contact us about your project today.

Allied Plastics Custom Thermoform Advantage 


We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality thermoformed products as quickly and economically as possible by hiring the industry’s top professionals and skilled craftsmen, arming them with leading edge technology and training while providing first class customer service to all.