Allied Plastics Custom Thermoforming Company History

A Thermoforming Plastics Global Leader

Founded in 1995, Thermoformer Allied Plastics is a recognized global leader in the Plastics Thermoforming industry. In addition to the 200,000 sq ft Engineering and Vacuum Forming manufacturing facility in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, we maintain Sales Offices in the Midwest and across the United States. Our History is based on growing our Plastic Thermoform knowledge and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. Check out Allied Plastics History Timeline and 20th Anniversary Video below.

Plastic Thermoform Leading Edge Technology & Training

Allied Plastics mission is to provide you with the highest quality Thermoformed Plastic products quickly and economically as possible. To accomplish our goal, we hire the industry’s Top Professionals and Skilled Craftsman and provide them with leading-edge technology and training.

A Thermoformer that Believes in Partnerships

Most importantly, Allied Plastics maintains a commitment to customer service that is unmatched in the Thermoform industry. Beyond Plastic Thermoforming, throughout our History, we’ve believed in forming partnerships. These partnerships are one of our greatest assets. Design Engineers, Tooling Specialist, Quality Managers and Production Experts work side-by-side with you to create high-quality Plastic Vacuum Formed products.

Learn how Allied Plastics Custom Thermoforming can help you meet your Vacuum Forming Plastic manufacturing needs at or 1-888-870-8158.

Allied Plastics Custom Thermoforming History Timeline

1995  Allied Plastics opens for business in a 9,800 sq ft building with a new 5′ x 8′ Three Station Maac Machinery Rotary Thermoformer.

1996  Add a 5′ x 6′ Three Station Maac Machinery Rotary Thermoform Machine.

1997  Allied Plastics breaks ground for a 22,500 sq ft building.

1998  Install a Twin Table 5 Axis Motionmaster CNC Router.

1999  A new 7′ x 11′ Four Station Double Oven Twin Sheet Maac Machinery Pressure Former.

2001  Purchase Bassett Racing Wheel Building located east of Allied Plastics to expand.

2002  Become ISO 9001 Certified.

2003  Install a new 7′ x 9′ Three Station Maac Machinery Rotary Thermoforming machine.

2004  Remodel office and move Sales & Engineering Departments to the new Technology Center.

2005  Allied Plastics celebrates 10 Year Anniversary.

2006  Work with the Village of Twin Lakes to shut down Industrial Drive between the two Allied Plastics buildings.

2007  Break ground to connect Allied Plastics East and West buildings.

2008  Install a brand new 8′ x 12.5′ Four Station Double Oven, Twin Sheet AVT Pressure Formomg Machine.

2009  Technology Center Offices converted into Sales Showroom and additional Conference Room.

2010  Install the first Robotic Trimming Cell.

2012  Construction of 12,750 sq ft Cold Storage Building directly north of the Allied Plastics building.

2013  Several CNC & Thermoforming Machines are moved to make room for the New Addition.

2014  Break ground on a new Employee Parking Lot and a 54,462 sq ft Building Addition.

2015  Celebrate Allied Plastics 20 Year Anniversary.

 Allied Plastics Celebrates 20 Years—1995 to 2015

We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality thermoformed products as quickly and economically as possible. Our skilled engineers and craftsmen are equipped with leading-edge technology and ongoing training to provide first class service to you.

Our plant is over 200,000 square feet and has 11 thermoforming machines, 7 CNC trim machines, 3 robotic trim cells.