Thermoformed Plastic Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Thermoform Plastic for the Automotive Industry

Storing, Transporting and Creating Automotive Thermoformed Plastic Parts

Auto manufacturers have needs unlike any other industry. Literally thousands of parts come together to make a vehicle – parts that need to be received, assembled, moved and created. Allied Plastics has been working with the Automotive industry since 1995 creating Thermoform Plastic parts and components for vehicles while also managing the movement of Automotive plastic parts with standard and specialty pallets and crates.

Vacuum Form Automotive Pallets, Dunnage and Returnable Packaging

Automotive customers and Allied Plastics partner to create a better, more efficient manufacturing process. Thermoformed Plastic custom pallets and reusable crates are:

  • Durable, reusable and can be customized in any color – no need for painting
  • Strong, and can be reinforced
  • Easy to clean, lightweight, suitable for environments with chemicals
  • No need for lids and bases due to mirror image creation

Thermoplastic Automotive Panels, Liners, Parts and Custom Assemblies

For custom Vacuum Formed Plastic components used in vehicle assembly, Allied Plastics design engineers will work directly with your team to develop precise, cost-effective solutions that work seamlessly with other elements. We strive to get to know the exact needs of our Automotive customers to determine the best solutions for each individual application.

Vacuum Formed Plastic for Automotive Applications

  • Dashboard Assemblies
  • Interior Door Panels
  • Interior Paneling
  • Seating Parts
  • Engine Bay Paneling
  • Exterior Body Panels
  • Bumpers
  • Air Ducts
  • Pickup Truck Bedliners
  • Wheel Well Liners
  • Truck Liners
  • Floor Mats
  • Cargo Mats


Thermoformed Automobile Components

Thermoform Plastic Automotive Interior Panel

Vacuum Formed Metallic Car Bumpers

Vacuum Formed Plastic Metallic Car Bumpers

Engine Blocks on Vacuum Form Pallets

Engine Blocks on Thermoplastic Shipping Pallets

Metallic Automotive Thermoform Plastic Bumpers

Metallic Plastic Thermoform Vehicle Bumpers

Custom Thermoformed Plastic OEM Automotive Components

Thermoformed Automotive Headlight Covers