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Thermoform Plastic for the Medical Industry

Designing Medical Grade Thermoformed Plastic Devices

In the Medical and Dental industries, there’s no room for “close-enough.” Equipment must be exact and in many cases, sterile and/or food-grade using specialized materials. The design professionals at Allied Plastics will provide precise engineered Thermoforming solutions to fit your needs.

Creating a design, matching a current specification, reverse engineering, assembly ingenuity, or innovative components, we will find the right option. Allied Plastics skilled team uses state of the art equipment and ProEngineer 3D product design software to ensure your Vacuum Formed Plastic Surgical or Dental product will be manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications time after time.

Fast Plastic Vacuum Form Medical Solutions

Thermoforming Plastic Prototypes are created quickly and easily with our client-focused process designed to “dig deep” into needs and develop the best Medical device solution. With the ability to revise molds, the design, prototype and tool processes can be adjusted and refined as often as necessary.

Looking for a partner who believes in design excellence and creating solid, innovative solutions? Allied Plastics wants to help you with your Surgical and Dental Grade Thermoform products and finishings. Contact an engineer expert today.

Medical Applications for Vacuum Formed Plastic

  • Medical Electronics Housing
  • Imaging (X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc.) Enclosures
  • Bins & Trays
  • Hospital Room Panels
  • Hospital Bed Components
  • Stands & Support Equipment
Thermoformed Plastic Medical Components

Thermoformed Plastic Medical Components

Thermoformed Medical Waste Dolly Lids & Bases

Thermoform Medical Waste Dolly Lids & Bases