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Thermoform Plastic Custom Spare Parts for Transportation

Custom Vacuum Formed Plastic Transportion Spare Parts

Mass transit is commonplace in urban and suburban life and Thermoformed Plastics are part of what makes planes, trains, buses, rapid transit, semi-trucks and trailers efficient in their movement of people and goods. Vacuum Form Plastic products include anything from rigid, yet ergonomic seats for passengers to durable body panels for transport vehicles. Many of the more expensive, heavier materials using in Transportation can be replaced with Thermoform Plastic options that look great, last longer and come pre-colored.

Thermoformed Plastic Parts Designed to Your Specifications

From the most simplistic design to a highly-complex component, the Thermoforming Custom Plastic parts design experts at Allied Plastics have the experience to create the right product to meet your specifications. We look at the best materials for the job while ensuring the design allows for the rigidity or flexibility needed.

Transportation Applications for Plastic Thermoforming

  • Seating
  • Interior Paneling
  • Exterior Vehicle Body Panels
  • Light Housings
  • Dashboards


Thermoform Plastic Transportation Parts

Thermoformed Plastic Parts for Transportation