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Thermoforming Advantage for Plastic Components

Thermoforming Advantage Plastic Pallets over Wood PalletsThermoformed Plastic is Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

The Thermoforming Advantage is overwhelming and Plastic products can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses. Allied Plastics Thermoforms Plastic sheets in three ways: Vacuum Formed, Twin Sheet Formed and Pressure Formed. We are able to offer the most precise and efficient outcomes for all three methods because of the investment we’ve made in our eleven state-of-the-art Thermoforming machines and our ALL IN team.

Thermoform Prototypes are Affordable & Adaptable

Affordable prototype development is a Thermoforming Advantage. Prototype molds are relatively inexpensive and can be modified easily to ensure the exact finished dimensions are achieved prior to creating a more permanent mold.

Tooling for Plastic Thermoforming is Economical & Fast

Savings in tooling costs compared to other manufacturing processes is a Thermoforming Advantage. The process of heating the Plastic sheets over the mold makes for a smooth finished surface regardless of the size of the finished product. No painting is required due to the pre-coloring of the Thermoplastic sheets. When compared to wood, metal or other materials, Thermoformed Plastics shine through. Contact us or Request a Quote to get started.

Types of Plastic Thermoforming Processes

Vacuum Forming, Twin Sheet Forming and Pressure Forming each have a place in the manufacturing of certain components. Here is a brief overview of each.

Vacuum Forming Plastic

  • Single Sided Material Impression
  • Lowest Cost Tooling Option
  • Diverse Material Selection
  • Lowest Cost High Gloss Cosmetics
  • Good Alternative for Painted RTM, RIM, SMC, Injection Molding

Vacuum Forming Plastic Thermoforming Process

Pressure Forming Plastic

  • Single or Double Sided Material Impression
  • Pressure Box
  • Mid-Cost Tooling Option
  • Diverse Material Selection
  • Good A-Surface Part Definition
  • Good Alternative to Injection Molding

Pressure Forming Plastic Thermoforming Process

Twin Sheet Forming Plastic

  • Two Sheet Single Sided Impression
  • Internal Pressure
  • High/Mid Cost Tooling Option
  • Diverse Material Selection
  • Good A-Surface Part Definition
  • Good Alternative to Rotational, Blow Molding, and Injection Molded Assemblies


Twin Sheet Forming Plastic Thermoforming Process