Material Handling & Industrial Packaging

Protect Your Products with Heavy Duty Thermoformed Plastic Containers

Your business is built around providing great products, but getting them from point A to point B can be problematic and can lead to customers receiving something far from what was intended. At Allied Plastics, we help with Vacuum Formed Plastic standard and customized Material Handling solutions that see your products arrive in perfect condition, which saves time and money and increases loyalty when customers know exactly what to expect. Whether it’s Thermoformed Plastic Recyclable Packaging designed to hold soft fruit from the processing plant to the consumer’s fridge or trays to deliver heavy-duty machinery, we’ve been creating Material Handling products that ensure your product is delivered as expected since 1995.

Vacuum Form Custom Reusable Packaging

Plastic thermoforming is ideal for creating Custom Reusable Shipping and Material Handling solutions and Allied Plastics strives to make every custom job as functional as possible. Virtually any product can be cradled in a custom Vacuum Formed tray regardless of material or the industry it’s used for. Our design experts will use your specifications to create a prototype that can be tested in your real-world conditions before going into full production.

Plastic Thermoform Sleeve Packs

Bulk packaging takes up a lot of space. For odd or inconsistent shaped products, Vacuum Formed Sleeve Packs and Lids made primarily from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) are the ideal solution. When not in use, Plastic Vacuum Form Sleeve Packs fold down and store conveniently between the base and lid for a stackable, non-bulky solution that’s ready when needed. Designed to stand the test of time (not to mention the impact shipping can dish out), Thermoformed Plastic Sleeve Packs can be created in various sizes, with foldable inserts and specific colors for easy Material Handling identification.

Thermoform Plastic Wheel Packs

There’s no need for a tray and a lid with our Thermoformed Plastic Wheel Packs – one product does both jobs making it simple for loading and storage. These Plastic Thermoform Wheel Trays are compliant to the AIAG’s – RC3 specifications and are accessible from all four sides, are nestable, stackable, and more. Plus, we can accommodate custom logos on each tray as well as colored striping or custom colors for better Material Handling identification at a glance. Shippers and receivers love them because of the easy-lift hand holes and wheel-size stamping.

Thermoforming Options for Food & Grocery

Thermoformed Plastic Food Containers need to be functional as well as eye-catching to compete in today’s market but it also needs to stand up to a fast-paced environment to get products to grocery shelves quickly. Allied Plastics work with food and grocery clients to create the best options to ensure product freshness and appearance while showcasing what counts – the food inside. Talk to us about standard or custom options to fit your Material Handling processing and marketing needs.


Rackable & Nestable Thermoform Plastic Pallets Are Returnable and Recyclable

If you think a cardboard or wood pallet can package and transport your product safely and efficiently, it’s time to look at the benefits offered by Vacuum Formed Plastic Industrial Packaging. Not only is Thermoplastic Packaging reusable and returnable, they are also lighter, germ and waterproof, stackable, rackable, nestable and can be stored efficiently.

Thermoplastic Industrial Packaging Protects Your Products

Surprisingly sturdy, heavy gauge Thermoformed Plastic Industrial Packaging can be easily moved and can store products 100 times their own weight and beyond. Our engineers design Plastic Vacuum Form trays durable enough to take the weight off your product, so there’s no stress or weight transfer through your product during shipping. Let Allied Plastics custom design your Thermoformed Plastic reusable packaging tray, container or pallet to give your product the best protection.

Benefits of Vacuum-Formed Plastic Industrial Packaging

  • Reusable, Recyclable and Returnable
  • Lighter than Wood
  • Anti-microbial and Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Stackable, Rackable and Nestable
  • Efficiently Stored
  • Easily Moved
  • Won’t chip, splinter, or shatter