New Distribution Center is double the size, efficiency and convenience

UPDATE: Throughout 2022 Allied Plastics has continued to expand its distribution center, moving from its 85,000-sq-ft space to a larger 173,000-sq-ft space at the same location.

Allied Plastics has been busting at the seams for quite some time, especially over the past few years as manufacturing capabilities have ramped up.

“To be honest, I can’t remember a day in the last 25 years when we didn’t wish we had more space,” says Mike Stark, director of operations at Allied Plastics.

That wish was granted in June when the company’s owners, Steve Wieder and Tim Neal, gave the green light to begin moving into a new distribution center. After a few months of preparation, the new DC will begin shipping finished products on September 7.

Located in Wilmot, WI, the new DC is just five miles from Allied Plastics’ main manufacturing facility in Twin Lakes, WI. The Wilmot DC is replacing the company’s existing warehouse in Genoa City, WI, and is also sparing Allied from having to purchase or build a second warehouse in the nearby vicinity. (Allied’s main Twin Lakes facility was doing double duty as a distribution center, to some degree.)

Employees like Mike Stark aren’t the only ones who are thrilled with the new distribution center. Allied Plastics’ customers will also benefit in several ways.

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