Allied Plastics Leadership Transition Marks New Chapter

Steve Wieder and Jon Larson

Allied Plastics would like to announce an upcoming transition of leadership within our company. At the end of 2023, Steve Wieder will be retiring his position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Allied Plastics after 28 years. Steve started Allied Plastics with current President Tim Neal in 1995. Their hard work and determination, … Read more

Near Waste-Free Production, Recycling and Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics provides near zero waste production

Our Recycling Program Prevents Plastic Waste from Impacting the Environment Plastics are one of the most versatile, affordable and durable resources available today. Long-lasting, weather and wear resistant, plastics are the perfect materials for manufacturing, packaging, electronic devices and more! However, while the production of this valuable resource continues to grow, so do concerns about … Read more

Environmental management plan earns ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 Certified

Allied Plastics has taken an important step in cementing its leadership status with respect to the environment. The company recently earned ISO 14001 certification, which sets criteria for a robust environmental management system. Companies meeting this standard can feel confident in their ability to reduce waste and use resources efficiently, and overall lessen their environmental … Read more

To Paint or Not to Paint? YOU decide.

To paint or not to paint. You Decide

Unlike other materials such as aluminum or fiberglass, thermoformed plastic parts do not need to be painted. That helps save time and money while delivering a finished product of superior durability and appearance. Wait a second … how can an unpainted part have superior durability and appearance? Great question, but don’t worry. Just because the … Read more

CASE STUDY: Customized roll cradle solves liner pipe shipping issues

Customized Roll Cradle produced by Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics offers a concentrated line of standard industrial packaging options. However, most of the packaging products the company thermoforms are customized to a given customer’s particular needs. “The majority of our packaging customers come to us for a solution they can’t readily buy off of the shelf,” says Erik Larson, packaging sales manager at … Read more

Turnkey operation delivers customized RETAIL READY solutions

Retail Ready products produced by Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics takes your products from engineering to your retail customers In the early stages of the pandemic back in July 2020, Allied Plastics received a call from a prominent kitchen/bath products manufacturer. Demand for home improvement products was exploding and the company needed help keeping up. The company also had a brand new product … Read more